How to take care of your complexion How to take care of your complexion

How to take care of your complexion

Our skin can be sensitive to a lot of internal and external factors. The internal factors can be caused by allergies, diseases, eating habits and others, while the external factors include pollution, smoking, lack of exercise.

Taking care of your complexion can sometimes result in a difficult task to handle, and nowadays, from so many beauty products to choose from, it has become a real adventure finding the  product that best fits you.

Therefore, here are some easy tips that you can follow in order to make sure that your complexion is daily taken care of: first of all, wash your face daily at least twice a day, without using any other cleansing lotion.

Secondly, make an infusion at least once a week, with cammomile tea for normal skin or honey and olive oil, for dry skin. After that, rinse well with water or use thermal water. Some of the best choices you can make regarding thermal water is Oxyance or Vichy. This also works for soothing your skin for those having acne problems.

Thirdly, be aware of your eating habits. What we eat also reflects in the way we look. Most importantly, the hours you have your meals  at influence our skin. For example, it has been tested that those who have late midnight snacks are more likely to have dark circles around their eyes, especially women.

Regarding other habits, such as smoking, this is something you should avoid if you want to still look as you should in your 30’s. this can also affect your acne, so be careful with smoking habits!

Moreover, you can also try on some facial masks, enriched with aloe vera, rose essence, oatmeal, and yoghurt. Be aware, however, of the other ingredients, and try to choose something that is paraben free or try some online recipes in order to prepare your own natural facial mask. From cucumbers, to carrots and milk, these homemade masks can really help you keep your face clean and healthy.

The last tip regarding the attention you must offer to your complexion is: the less make-up, the better!

Try not to use make-up every single day, because it blocks your pores from breathing and thus you retain more dust particles and you will have more wrinkles sooner than normally.

Therefore, if you want to always look fresh and young, try taking into consideration these easy tips. Make sure you know exactly what you are doing when you are preparing for a face cleanse and keep informed on the latest homemade recipes given as advice for cleaning your skin.

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