Tooth Extraction Cost and Other Dental Services Included

This article will present a comprehensive overview of the average tooth extraction cost across the US. The cost of tooth extraction vary depending on different factors: the type and condition of the teeth, the type of anesthesia, the charges of your dentist and insurance. For instance, wisdom tooth extraction cost is higher. The tooth extraction cost is also higher for impacted teeth.

We will look at both simple and complex types of tooth extraction costs. In addition, you will find all the possible information about cost influencing factors, as well as dental insurance.

Simple Tooth Extraction Cost

A simple extraction consists of the standard procedure of removing a permanent tooth. Teeth that require removal are either broken or decayed.

In this case, the cost of tooth extraction can range between $102 and $206 based on location. More precisely, people living in a metropolitan area will pay higher fees for a tooth extraction, but they can also benefit from a wider variety of services.

For patients living in smaller cities, the tooth extraction procedure is more affordable but might possibly not include the same range of medical services.

Services Included

Tooth extraction cost usually includes stitches in case you need them, local anesthetic, and the routine aftercare required for 30 days after the procedure. To find out more about possible complications, recommended practices, and medical solutions, you can read our Tooth Extraction Aftercare Practical Guide.

Services Not Included

The initial exam and panoramic X-ray are not included in the fee, and must be paid for in addition to the overall tooth extraction cost. While the initial exam is not less than $50, the panoramic X-ray costs between $60 and $150.

Baby Tooth Extraction

The fee for baby tooth extraction ranges between $51 and $94. This procedure is similar to the simple dental extraction because it refers to teeth which have no longer a root and they are most likely to fall. It is worth mentioning that baby teeth which still have a root are more difficult to extract.

Surgical Tooth Extraction Cost

Surgical extractions are complex dental procedures required when patients have impacted, broken, or erupted teeth which have damaged the gum or other teeth.

The fees for a surgical tooth extraction are between $179 and $353. This procedure is more expensive because it is not just complex, but it also requires a general anesthetic.

Complex Extractions: Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The wisdom tooth extraction cost depends on how long and difficult this dental procedure is going to be. In addition, the fees also depend on the tooth positioning, whether it is impacted and erupted or not.

There are 5 types of wisdom tooth extractions, each of them with a different wisdom tooth extraction cost:

  • Full bony impaction. This type of extraction is the most expensive and it ranges between $325 and $500. If you have a full bony impaction, it means that your wisdom tooth is completely encased in the jawbone. Therefore, the dentist has to make an incision in the gum tissue, section the tooth in smaller pieces, and carefully remove them.
  • Partial bony impaction. Wisdom tooth extraction cost for this procedure is a bit lower as it ranges between $275 and $450. A partial bony impaction occurs when the crown of the wisdom tooth erupts above the gum line but the tooth remains encased in the jawbone. Thus, it has to be surgically removed through an incision.
  • Soft tissue impaction. Wisdom tooth extraction cost for this dental procedure is cheaper than the other two. The tooth extraction cost can be somewhere between $225 and $400. Patients have a soft tissue impaction when the gums still prevent the wisdom tooth to erupt naturally. Therefore, a surgical procedure is needed to remove the tooth and suture the gums back.
  • Simple wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom tooth extraction cost for this procedure ranges between $100 and $200. Wisdom teeth that have a normal positioning and fully erupt can be extracted as any other molar through a simple procedure.

Keep in mind that after every wisdom tooth extraction you have to be careful what you eat until your gums completely heal. Therefore, we recommend you to take a look at our guide of 10 Ideal Soft Foods After Wisdom Tooth Removal.

How much does sedation dentistry cost?

Patients can better deal with the extraction procedure with the help of some types of sedation which come with additional costs. To avoid confusion, sedation is not the same thing as the local anesthetic, which is included in the extraction fee.

  • Intravenous sedation. The patient remains conscious but won’t experience any pain. The fee ranges between $250 and $400.
  • Nitrous oxide. This is the popular laughing gas which helps patients relax during the extraction process. The fee is between $40 and $90.

Influencing Factors

The costs of tooth extraction can vary depending on several influencing factors.

1. Higher Tooth Extraction Costs

The tooth extraction cost is higher when the dentist removes the tooth using a complex procedure. In addition, patients who need an emergency extraction might have to pay additional fees just for expediting the procedure.

2. Lower Tooth Extraction Costs

If the type of extraction is simple, then the fee is also going to be lower. Plus, if you have dental insurance, tooth extraction costs will substantially reduce, or you might even get a free extraction, depending on your specific terms.

Dental Insurance

Most dental insurances cover 70% to 80% of the basic dental service fees. Furthermore, in order to receive a 100% coverage, patients have to meet the deductible policy.

It is worth mentioning that if your employer offers you a dental insurance which is available only for simple extractions, you won’t benefit from any coverage in case you get a surgical extraction.

In such cases, the dentist will inform the company why the patient needed a surgical extraction. Based on the dentist’s explanation, the company will decide whether the circumstances of the dental procedures were in accordance with the coverage guidelines.

Also, according to other policies, employees will receive dental insurance only if the dentist recommends the extraction as a necessary medical procedure.


To sum up, tooth extraction cost depends on the type of tooth, location, procedure, dental services, and coverage. Also, based on your dentist recommendation, you will know which are the most affordable dental packages for you.


  • I had to get a tooth extraction. The procedure wasn’t bad and thankfully my dental insurance covered the full cost. Out of pocket, I believe I would have had to pay $200 for it if I’m not mistaken.

    • Hello, Ashley!

      We’re glad to hear your dental insurance covered the cost of your tooth extraction. Indeed, you would have had to pay about $200, if not more, depending on the type of procedure, if the insurance hadn’t covered it.

      Have a great day!

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