Top 8 Mouth Guards for Grinding Teeth - Top 8 Mouth Guards for Grinding Teeth -

Top 8 Mouth Guards for Grinding Teeth

Bruxism identifies as the condition of teeth grinding. Those who have this issue often experience sleep disorders as well, such as apnea and snoring. The grinding and clenching can also yield headaches, teeth damage, and jaw disorders, to name a few. We have compiled this list of mouth guards for grinding teeth that defend you and your teeth against the effects of teeth grinding and clenching. As you examine the products, consider the thickness, the available sizes, whether they’re disposable, and the amount of effort to get the right mold, in order to find the best mouth guard for grinding teeth.

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8 Best Mouth Guards for Grinding Teeth

1. Dental Duty Professional Dental Guard

When you’re looking for a mouth guard for grinding teeth, consider its fit. The four guards that come with this Dental Duty product have two sizes. Thus, both children and adults can take advantage of it.

A proper fit also comes from the ability to adjust the mold and to trim the night guards. Boil the mold so you can soften it and be able to shape it to your mouth. Before you place it in, let it cool a bit to ease your molding efforts.

The Dental Duty dental guard also protects teeth against impacts from balls and other players, if you’re someone who plays sport. It also comes with a whitening tray and a free hygiene case. Their DVD provides a tutorial for using the mouth guard.

2. Tadge Goods Night Mouth Guard For Grinding Teeth

We chose this Tadge Goods mouth guard for our best mouth guard for teeth grinding list because of the three sizes that come with the six guards. In each six-pack, you have the choice of small, medium, and large-size molds. This makes it ideal for users of many ages and sizes.

Some customers who have used this product advise that you don’t let the water get too hot when you’re adjusting the molds. Even if you want soft molds, the intense heat can make them too soft. The dental guard can also whiten your teeth or work as an athletic mouthguard.

3. ProDental Thin and Trim Anti Grinding, Teeth Whitening Mouth Guard

This ProDental product is a nominee for the best mouth guard for sleeping. Thanks to its thin design, users can find comfort while they sleep. In fact, ProDental advises that, if you are at least age 18, you’ll get the best results from limiting your thermoplastic mouth guard use for nighttime teeth grinding.

As with many options on our list of mouth guard for grinding teeth, you have to sit it in warm to hot water to mold it. However, if your water gets too hot, the mold may suffer a fate of sticking to items. It may not result in irreversible damage to the mold, but it will wrestle away your time as you strive for that right fit.

4. Plackers Grind No More Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

This mouth guard might break the mold because nothing is required for you to mold it. The Plackers ten count pack of night guards are disposable, and promise a universal fit. With this feature, you need not cut or subject the guards to boiling water or several minutes of your time to the molding process.

The manufacturer says that you can wear each guard up to three times. Some customers testify that they have extended the use of each guard beyond the advertised time. Some have used it for as long as six to eight weeks.

Due to the size, these guards might not reach your back molars. However, if most of your grinding occurs in the front two middle teeth, this should not be a problem. Also, its thin design promotes comfort while you sleep, as well as grinding prevention.

5. Wunderdent Professional Dental Night Guard

This suggestion for the best mouth guard for clenching comes from German company Wunderdent. This night guard pack comes with four guards width sizes for medium and large mouths. One customer observes that the guards are typically thicker in the front of your teeth, and become thinner as the mold rounds to the back.

To afford durability, the product has hygienic silicone, but is free of latex and BPA. These mouth guards follow others that are molded by boiling. As with many of the others we feature here, it may take you some practice to get the right fit.

6. SleepRight Dura-Comfort Dental Guard

This Sleep Right dental guard is another mouth guard for grinding teeth if you wish to avoid the boiling and trimming process for your fit. These no-mold guards come with a bite pad to handle 9,100 psi. You will also have up to four angles that protect your teeth during grinding or biting.

You’ll find comfort during sleep, and you can use it in the daytime as well. However, if you heavily grind your teeth, you might need something other than this product, says one customer review.

7. J&S Dental Lab Dental Mouth Guard

This J&S Dental product ranks among the highest priced mouth guard for grinding teeth on our list. However, the company does the molding in customization for you. When you order, follow the directions for making an impression of your teeth. Once you’ve taken that step, send the impression back, and J&S will create the mold to fix your teeth.

You also get the options to customize the thickness for your particular needs. If you’re a severe clencher or grinder, the thicker guard may be what you need. You can use a softer acrylic guard if your grinding is not that bad. As the name suggests, note that this guard is only for your lower teeth.

8. SOVA Night Guard Custom-Fit Night-Time Dental Mouth Guard

The SOVA night guard comes in at 1.6mm thick. While the light composition affords comfort, it also can withstand constant biting and force. The Sova guard relies upon a Diffusix technology that causes the grinding forces to disappear by spreading throughout the guard.

You can remold each guard up to 20 times. However, be careful to heat up the guard during your remodeling. Some customers remark that, despite the instructions’ admonition to stay below 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the guard has a difficult time molding below that threshold.

In our search for the best mouth guard for grinding teeth, we have considered mouth guards that can fit the size and shape of your mouth. Also mixed in are some that allow you to avoid the work of customizing the molds. Let us know your experience with these or other mouth guards for grinding teeth down below.

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