How to Make Your Braces Stop Hurting - How to Make Your Braces Stop Hurting -

How to Make Your Braces Stop Hurting

Braces are something that many people consider to be a necessary evil. While they do a great job at getting your misaligned teeth straight again, they can cause people a lot of pain. In this article, we will talk about how to make your braces stop hurting. There are a number of different home remedies to be explored, and we will touch on a lot of them here.

Warm Salt Water Rinse

Warm salt water is always a good go-to for most things that have to do with your mouth. Salt water is simple to use and offers a number of benefits that are great for not only pain relief but for cleaning out your mouth as well. The salt water rinse is simple to make and will only take a minute or so of your time to mix the rinse.

Simply mix a tablespoon of sea salt or table salt into a glass of warm water. Then, stir it until it is all dissolved. Rinse your mouth out with the salt water a few times a day to ease the pain.

Pain Killers

When you have braces, you can take over-the-counter painkillers to help ease that pain. You can take either Advil or Tylenol, depending on what your doctor thinks is best. You need to be sure that you are taking them according to the label so that you are not taking too much. It is also important that you are taking these medications with food as well.

Furthermore, do not mix the Tylenol and the Advil together. This could cause serious problems in your stomach. The main problem that this could cause would be bleeding of the stomach.

Cold Foods

Cold is always a good thing for you to use when you are in pain. Coldness can help numb your mouth or any other part of your body that hurts. This means that eating some ice cream or some frozen yogurt can help you calm down the inflammation in your mouth. It would dull the pain and give you something good to eat at the same time.

You could also press a cold pack to your face. You can make one using ice cubes from the freezer in a plastic bag or you could buy a product that you can freeze that is intended for such a use.


Wine is good if you are an adult with braces. It is known to possess some analgesic properties when you drink a glass or two. A glass of red wine is going to unfortunately stain your elastics on the braces, so even if that is your favorite, it would be smart to avoid that. Try a cold glass of white wine instead.

The wine will not only help to numb the pain from the inside out, but also the coldness of it will also help to relieve some of the pain from a topical standpoint as well.

Bite Wafers

Bite Wafers are something that your orthodontist or dentist will give you when you have braces. This is given to you so that you can bite down on it for a few minutes a few times an hour. This will help you relieve your pain. It works by putting pressure on your teeth in just the right way without overdoing it.

It also helps to stimulate blood circulation to the gums so that some of the pain can be eased. Don’t bite too hard, though; all that you need is just a little bit of pressure to make it feel better.


BitePod20 is similar to a bite wafer. When you bite down on it, it delivers low frequency vibrations to your brackets and to your mouth. This vibration helps to stimulate the flow of blood in your mouth. This can help to relieve some of the pain that is caused by your braces.

It is recommended that you use it for 20 minutes a day to get the most out of it. It will keep your braces comfortable so long as you use it as directed and use it consistently. This is a much cheaper option by hundreds of dollars than Acceledent.


GumEase helps to remove some of the pressure from your braces and can offer you a drug free way to do so. This product is designed to be frozen to help numb the pain topically. It blocks out the pain that comes from the muscles and nerves in your mouth and jaw. It blocks this pain by applying it to the space underneath your gums.

This cold method works by cryoanesthesia and the nerves in your mouth and jaw will stop hurting for some time. It will stop transmitting the pain impulses to the brain so that you can get relief.


Canker-X  is a gel that helps to protect your cheeks and any canker sores from pain. It forms a protective barrier down on the sores in your mouth. It can soothe these sores with the inclusion of its aloe vera ingredient. You can apply it on each of the different sores. Because it creates a barrier, it not only stops the pain but it helps them to heal faster since they won’t be exposed to different acids and other particles in the mouth. This is ideal if you have a lot of sores as it can be applied a lot of places in the mouth.

Dental Wax and Dental Silicone

Dental wax and dental silicone is intended to be placed in between the cheek and where the pain is located. You can also warm it up and stick it into the brackets themselves.


In this article, we have provided you with a number of different home remedies for you to use to figure out how to make your braces stop hurting. Did we forget to mention one? What do you do to make them stop hurting? Tell us about it in the comments section that can be found below.

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