Drinks That Can Dissolve Your Teeth

While teeth may certainly be the hardest parts of a person’s body, there is one weakness that they do have. This is that they can be destroyed by acid. Acid is what plaque takes advantage of to create bacteria and ruin your teeth. Sadly, acid is found in a number of different drinks that people like to enjoy. In this article, we will determine a few different drinks that can dissolve your teeth so that you can be prepared. This will help you make smarter decisions about the drinks you choose to consume.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are great for those who play sports and are otherwise physically active. These sports drinks come with a lot of electrolytes and are great for rehydration. That said, they have high acidity levels. This acid can be harmful to your teeth. It is important that you limit these sports drinks when you can; only drink them when you are active and in desperate need of hydration at any other time. Otherwise, stick to water.

  • Gatorade has a pH level of 2.95
  • Powerade is the most acidic of these sports drinks as it sits at a pH of 2.75

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice can be good for you, but eating whole fruits is better. This is because they have less acid in them than their juices. Below are some of the most popular fruit juices as well as their pH levels. This should help you determine which ones you should consider steering clear of.

  • Lemon juice has a pH of 2.0
  • Cranberry juice has a pH of 2.6
  • Welch’s White Grape Juice has a pH of 2.8
  • Grapefruit juice has a pH of 3.1
  • Apple juice has a pH of 3.2
  • Pineapple juice has a pH of 3.4
  • Juicy Juice has a pH of around 3.5
  • Orange juice has a pH of 3.5


Soda is one of the most acidic drinks that you can have. While it is tasty, it can seriously weather your teeth down due to its carbonic acid. Below are some of the most acidic brands that you are going to find. Try to avoid them or only drink them on special occasions when you can.

  • Coca Cola and Pepsi have a pH of 2.5
  • Pepper has a pH of 2.7
  • Squirt has a pH of 2.85
  • Mountain Dew has a pH of 2.9
  • Sierra Mist has a pH of 3.0
  • Sprite has a pH of 3.42
  • Mug Root Beer has a pH of 3.9

Veggie Juice

Vegetable juice might sound like it is perhaps one of the healthiest things you will be able to drink, but it might not be so great for your teeth. The same thing that was said for fruit can also be said for vegetable drinks: it is best if you instead eat the vegetables to get their nutritional value instead of drinking their juices.

Even healthier choices like V8 juices have a pH level around 4.1. It is the tomato juice in this juice that has the most acid; if you can find vegetable juice that does not contain tomatoes, you can drink it in moderation.

Fruit Flavored Drinks

Fruit flavored drinks are just about as bad as actual fruit juices. They contain a lot of artificial flavors as well as citric acid and other common acids that give the fruit-flavored juice its tangy, fruity flavor.

  • Sunny Delight has a pH of 2.4
  • Snapple has a pH of 2.4
  • SoBe Tropical Sugar-free has a pH of 2.5
  • Country Time Lemonade has a pH of 2.5
  • Capri Sun drink varieties have a pH of around 2.6
  • Hi-C Blast Fruit Punch has a pH of 2.7
  • Tang has a pH of 2.7
  • Hawaiian Punch has a pH of 2.82

Iced Tea

Normal brewed tea has a low pH of 7.2. If you drink it iced, there is a lot of acid that comes with it. Tea that comes in bottles and is not brewed yourself will also contain a lot more acid. This is because you are not making it yourself and these companies are adding acids to it.

  • Lipton Brisk has a pH of 2.87
  • Nestea Sweetened Lemon Iced Tea has a pH of 2.97
  • Nestea has a pH of 3.04
  • Snapple Tea has a pH of 3.2
  • Regular Iced Tea has a pH of about 3.5

Flavored Water

Flavored water might sound like a safe choice because the word “water” is in the name, but that is not so. Flavored water often has something in it like acids and other flavors that give it its taste. It is best not to worry about drinking it. If you want to drink water, then just drink some water.

If you are wanting to enjoy something that will not dissolve your teeth but has flavor, chew some gum. Gum is actually better for your teeth than you’d think and can stimulate saliva flow. This can help stop the dry mouth that causes tooth decay.

Beer and Wine

Many different wines are very acidic. This might come as a sad surprise, but it’s true. Your usual sherry wine will have a 3.37 pH usually. Chardonnay will often have a pH level of around 3.4. Sweeter wines are going to have more acid added in by the person who is making the wine. This is to help remove some of the sweetness involved and balance it out.

Beer, on the other hand, has a high acidic level as well. Your favorite beer can range in pH levels from 3.7 to even as 4.1. It all depends on the beer that you choose to drink.


In this article, we have discussed a few different drinks that are known to ruin your teeth. Have you given up these drinks for something healthier? What are you doing to resist all of that sugar and acid? Tell us about it in the comments section that can be found below.

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