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Best Denture Adhesives

Dentures will often become a part of a person’s life as they age. For this reason, it is important to know the ins and outs of a denture adhesive, and this article aims to provide you with that information. This article will teach you everything you need to know about dentures as well as what the best dental adhesives are for you to use. You will have a greater understanding by the end of the article.

What You Should Know About Dental Adhesives

Ideally, the right fitting dentures would not need any sort of adhesive, but it is hard to get dentures absolutely perfect. More than half of people that wear dentures have to use a denture adhesive of some sort because getting dentures fitted again can be expensive. When choosing a dental adhesive, there are a few things to remember. For instance, some dental creams have been shown to poison the wearer with zinc. For this reason it is important that you are choosing the right one.

When you have the right dental adhesive, it can make all the difference in the world. Benefits of having the right adhesives include:

  • They stop food from getting beneath the dentures when you are eating.
  • They can help anyone that suffers from dry mouth and/or bad breath.
  • They let their wearers enjoy tougher food such as steaks.
  • They can help with gum irritation when used on a consistent basis.
  • They can increase confidence for singers, speakers and others.

Types of Dental Adhesives

This portion of the article will talk about the different types of dental adhesives.


Cream adhesives are also called denture glue or paste adhesives. These adhesives are perhaps the most common among them all. These kinds of glues are simple to apply and are able to provide you with a strong, sticking bond.

These pastes are able to be applied to both dry and wet dentures alike though it is recommended that you use a slightly wet denture. The biggest complaint that people tend to have with these is that they can sometimes ooze from place unless they are applied perfectly.


Powdered adhesives are simple to clean and will not ooze from where you have put them. All that you have to do in order to apply a powdered adhesive is sprinkle a small layer onto the surface of the dentures. Make sure the dentures are wet. Then, you can apply these dentures inside of your mouth. They are as simple as that.

Adhesive Strips

Adhesive strips, which are also known as wafers, dental strips, pads and cushions, are by far the simplest to use. That said, they can be more expensive. These are adhesive strips that are placed on the dentures and then applied to your mouth. These are basically small stickers that are placed on the dentures and may need to be cut to size in order to fit. This is a simple process and most people are happy with the result.

Best Denture Adhesives

So which dental adhesive is best for you? Read on to find out. We have judged different dental adhesives using the following criteria:

  • Strength of the bond. This means determining how firmly and for how long the bond will last.
  • Comfort levels. This refers to how comfortable the adhesive is to wear and how it feels and tastes.
  • Zinc risk. Examining the zinc risk sees how at risk they might put you for zinc poisoning.
  • Ease of Use. How simple the adhesive is to use, apply, and clean.
  • This will compare the cost and rates of usage of each product.


Secure is a brand that could perhaps be the most popular denture adhesive currently available. It is most popular because of its high quality and its ability to hold onto your dentures with ease. This denture adhesive does not often see much oozing or slippage from the gums which is a quality that is highly sought after. It holds dentures strongly and is a well-trusted brand among all denture wearers that use it.

Not only does Secure come in a standard brand, there are a number of different kinds of purchasing options. You can find a zinc-free choice that allows you to enjoy a zinc-free option if you have sensitive gums. This makes this brand versatile and ideal for most people with dentures.


Super Poligrip Free is one of the highest ranked and best selling denture adhesives around. It is able to be found in a number of different sizes that come in a number of different prices to best suit your needs and financial situations.

Super Poligrip Free is one of the brands that comes with a large variety of dental creams so that you can be sure your dental needs are met. They often won’t use zinc which rids you almost entirely of the fear of zinc poisoning. Their price per ounce is one of the lowest ones to be found online, especially on amazon.

It has excellent reviews and is great for protecting the gums against irritation. They offer Super Poligrip Free Extra Care for sensitive gums and has an Ultra Fresh brand for a fresh mint flavor.


Fixodent is yet another high quality denture adhesive and is popular because of it. It has a similar price as Super Poligrip and is one of the highest reviewed creams around. It also stops bad breath in its tracks. It comes in a number of prices and sizes to suit your needs.


Effergrip is committed to user safety and uses absolutely no zinc in their products. The price is right and it is an easy-to-use adhesive that won’t let you down. 


In this article, we covered everything you need to know about dental adhesives and dentures. Do you agree with our summary of the best dental adhesives? Which ones do you prefer to use and why? Tell us all about it in the comments section found below.

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