A Guide to Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Acupuncture for weight loss is becoming more and more of a trend along with a steadily increasing number in the overweight population of the US. As a painless and relaxing method of weight loss, acupuncture is great for both women and men who want to slim down in a couple of weeks. This article focuses on the benefits, as well as the costs to a healthy life through acupuncture.
acupuncture for weight loss

Acupuncture and Weight Loss Correlation

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture focuses on restoring the balance in certain areas of the human body through “energy pathways”. However, losing weight through acupuncture requires a specific kind of treatment. This is recommended for those who need a certain degree of help in maintaining the aforementioned balance when it comes to diet and food choices.

Acupuncture relies on sterile, very fine needles that go just under the skin to get the work done. Using different techniques, the practitioner can insert the needles painlessly. These methods could consist of spinning, flicking, or moving the needle up and down relative to the skin. Sometimes, the practitioner can use a plastic tube to guide the needles. This reduces the risk of the needle going into a different point than intended.

Practicing Acupuncture for Weight Loss

When it comes to acupuncture for weight loss, there are certain pressure points that require special attention. The ear lobe contains key points that the practitioner focuses on. They connect nerves to specific areas of the body that influence food processing. These pressure points can have an effect on some internal organs, as well. The liver and the spleen, for example, are the main organs this procedure focuses on.

Acupuncture experts believe that up to any kind of distress like a headache and all the way to serious diseases, such as arthritis are curable using this ancient practice. The way it works is by relieving blockages in the energy pathway’s key points. Same applies to weight loss. By inserting needles into specific areas of the bodies, the patients will experience a dramatic drop in stress levels, that makes the urge to eat a lot easier to control. Furthermore, the lean muscles of the stomach gain more tone. As a result, the brain is perceiving the stomach to be full and the need to eat does not occur as often as before the treatment.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss Costs

The cost of the sessions varies and is highly dependent on the patient’s condition: weight, age and fitness. The first appointment lasts longer and is also more expensive, with a price range between $90 and $125. However, this is not set in stone. Some practitioners may change their fees, depending on factors such as urgency, difficulty or treatment duration. After the first session, the ones that follow are cheaper, usually between $50 and $100.

Even though the bar may seem a little bit high, there are other price ranges across the US. According to Cost Helper Health, the average cost of acupuncture is $50 to $70 for a routine visit. For an initial session along with the consultation, the fee goes a little higher, usually between $75 and $95.

However, some practitioners can offer discounts or package deals. It all comes down to how many sessions one needs in order to complete the treatment. Also, the severity of the condition is a variable that is taken into account upon discussing the fee.

Benefits of Weight Loss Acupuncture

If something, acupuncture plays a great role in the mood of the patients that undergo such treatment. Here is a list of the benefits that come with acupuncture for weight loss:

· Mood improvement – a good mood means higher control over food intake.

· Appetite suppression – this effect can occur after the very first session.

· Stress relief – plays a key role in maintaining the balance between body and mind.

· Relaxation is all that acupuncture is about.

How Effective is Acupuncture for Weight Loss?

Several studies were conducted in the 1970s in the US that focused on the use of acupuncture as treatment for obesity. Among 1030 cases that were treated with the use of acupuncture for weight loss, 30% showed excellent success, 50% good success and only 20% claimed that no influence on their weight has been noticed.

Recently, a Chinese practitioner followed up on the development of his 45 obese patients. The success rate observed was 87%. However, it is not enough for the patients to be subjected to acupuncture in order to dramatically lose weight. A good diet and daily exercise are also recommended for fast and obvious results. Those who don’t take into account these factors progress at a slower rate than others.

Weight Loss Ear Acupuncture

Auricular acupuncture, commonly known as ear acupuncture is the recommended treatment in battling weight-related conditions. In acupuncture, the practitioner perceives the ear to be a map of the entire body. By hitting key points in the ear lobe, the body experiences a state of relaxation that suppresses the urge to eat constantly. Also, the muscles of the stomach are affected as well and this gives the patient a feeling of satiety, preventing him to eat more than necessary.

The ear is filled with nerves that connect to regions of the body such as the stomach and digestive tract. This is the basis upon ear acupuncture for weight loss is based on. Acupuncture for weight loss through auricular stimulation works on both overweight patients, as well as patients that do not necessarily display a weight-related condition.


The modern practice of acupuncture for weight loss is taking on more and more followers by the day. This may be due to the fact that it involves painless procedures and quick results. However, without a proper dietary plan and exercise, results will be harder to observe.

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