Depression anyone? No, thank you! Depression anyone? No, thank you!

Depression Anyone? No, Thank You!

We’ve all had, at one point or another in our life, a friend or family member that has struggled with depression. Until reaching out to experienced doctors that offer you “a cure” by use of anti-depressants, you should take a minute or two to explore other, maybe more efficient, alternatives that give you the balance you need.

What is depression anyway?

This mental affliction is more widely spread than you could imagine; it happens to the best of us and is regardless of age, sex or social status. This is why the papers are filled with the accounts of celebrities that have had to face this illness and pinpoint the fact that fame and fortune cannot shelter you from harm.

The first sign of depression is unwillingness to take part in social interactions. Shying away from the company of others and “keeping to yourself” is probably the worse thing you could do. Boredom fits in the same category along with a negative outlook on life and countless hours of self-reflections.

Whenever you find yourself pondering on the nature of you relationships or the manner in which your life is proceeding, you usually find yourself faced with discontent and unhappiness about some of the choices you have made. The “trick” is not to let it get to you. No one is perfect and we’re all bound to make a few mistakes here and there.

What to do when Depression comes knocking at your door?

As stress is a constant in our daily existence, some people might find that lack of sleep can prove to have major negative consequences on their mental health. This is why this article suggests that instead of running to you GP looking for an “easy fix” in anti-depressants, you should take other actions into consideration:

Exposure to sunlight

On average, people who expose themselves daily to 30 minutes of sun can observe an increase in their desire to be more active. This is probably the easiest way of making sure that your body receives enough vitamin D from a natural source.


Make sure you also have a good physical condition by going for a run or biking through a forest or park every weekend. A tired body entails a tired mind and keeps you from getting sidetracked with all those negative thoughts.


Most of us sleep for approximately 6.5h/night and this is not always the correct amount of time the body needs in order to recuperate from a hard day’s work. Try sleeping more than 8hours, especially after having done some jogging or stretching.

A healthy diet

Good eating habits imply a larger consumption of vitamins, especially vitamin C (fruit, vegetables), in order to provide your body with all that it needs to function properly.

Keep yourself busy

This means that whenever you feel like staying in bed and not talking to anyone, you should do the exact opposite. Human interaction helps more than any of the above, especially since the first thing in dealing with depression is reaching out and accepting that, sometimes, you just can’t do it by yourself.

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