All about BIO foods All about BIO foods

All about BIO foods

Bio foods represent the “escape” from standard processed foods that are seen as damaging to our organisms. They are the range of products that, in the majority of cases, are seen as designed in order to help us have a healthy way of eating.

We will further on explore the advantages and disadvantages of buying and consuming bio foods, and you will be able to see more clearly the way they can impact or not our way of eating.

Nutritional quality…?

Besides the the USDA , along with other long-term studies made in Germany regarding bio foods, there is no entity that claims that these kind of products have a higher nutritional level. Especially regarding bio baby foods, these are not recommended, because they do not contain the necessary amount of vitamins per day for babies. They can also result to be dangerous if introduced into babies’ diets on a daily basis, because the organism can then no longer be able to process normal food, and it will become a big nutritional issue for the child later on. Therefore, moms, please pay attention before starting to give your baby a bio food diet! Think of all side effects that can appear later in their lives, not to mention the weight gaining or rapid loss, which is not at all healthy for a growing kid.

While it is true that they contain less chemicals and additives than the normal food, some of the bio foods will not taste very well.

High prices

Bio foods are marked in each supermarket and there is a clear distinction between this kind of products and normal products. However, their price is considerably higher, and some of them actually do not deserve being priced within this category, because there is actually no certainty of the way the product has been harvested and wrapped, unless they have the mark of the Certificate of Organic food. Consequently, you should think twice whether you can allow yourself to spend a lot more on this type of food than on standard food. The choices of varities are also somehow limited, and after a certain amount of time, you can also get bored of eating the same stuff every week.

What about the soils?

Scientitsts state that no one can assume for sure whether the soil that the organic food grew in has no toxic redues. From this assessment, not all organic food may be healthy, and it can also be that lastly, it contains just as many toxins as standard food. This can seriously affect those who eat organic food very often.

From some perspectives, bio foods are seen as healthy, but from other various aspects, they present a lot of disadvantages for our health. Therefore, we must choose wisely when buying bio food, because our health is at stake.

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