12 FoodsThat can Seriously Damage Your Health 12 FoodsThat can Seriously Damage Your Health

12 FoodsThat can Seriously Damage Your Health

Out of the dozens of foods which nowadays contain so many chemicals, here is a fast list to grab with the ones that can seriously damage your health.

1. French fries

Probably one of the most ordered fast food in America, and a dish that is more and more popular amongst European teenagers, French fries are a real danger to your health. Why? They have a graet amount of sodium and saturated fats and the risk of developing cancer if you eat them very often is pretty high. The substance called acrylamide, which can be found in breads and potatoes, is a severe danger to our health, because it contributes to the appearance of cancer.

2. Popcorn

The chemical diacetyl can be found in some types of buttered popcorn, so try to keep your intake of this kind of food low. It is also a danger for our organism because it is microwaved, thus it can cause lung cancer. As a consequence, you should try make them at home, in a cooking pan.

3. Flavored yoghurt

Yes, they are yummy, and they give you the impression that you are eating something healthy and good in your diet, but actually, they contain so much sugar and some varieties also additives, that choosing a simple low fat yoghurt would be the best choice for your health! You can mix it with some fruits or honey and you can make your own healthy desert.

4. Mayonnaise

Even from an early age, we are used to eating sauces such as ketchup or mayonnaise on a lot of the foods we eat. The only thing is that mayonnaise does not bring anything good in your diet. On the contrary, one tablesppon equals approximately  90 calories. If you make an easy estimation, you may end up eating at one meal about 4-5 tablespoons of mayonnaise, and eaten regularly, this can lead to weight gaining and high levels of cholesterol, which also leads to heart diseases and other health damages.

5. Chicken or pork wraps

Some might say that these chicken or pork wraps contain a lot of vegetables and less bread than usual sandwiches, but actually, each ingredient that adds up, adds more fats and calories, especially the sauces.  Just think before eating a tortilla that it is a really high-calorie meal!

6. White pasta

Of course, it is easy to cook, it is tasty, but white pasta is a real danger in your diet. It has not nutrients, and the high level of carbohydrates found in this type of pasta will release a lot of sugar in your blood.  It can lead to thrombosis  and high blood pressure, so if you really want to eat pasta, try the brown pasta.

Of course, these are just 6 of the wide range of unhealthy foods, but there are very frequent in our diets, and it is better to try to avoid them or replace them with other healthy alternatives.

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