4 reasons. Why do we get fat? 4 reasons. Why do we get fat?

4 reasons. Why do we get fat?

This question arises thousands of times maybe every day. However, few of us really know exactly what makes us fat, and we keep ignoring experts’ advice on how to eat and have a healthy lifestyle.

Number 1: Lack of movement

We do not exercise. Many people seeing this article may think:” yes, I read this everywhere. What else is new”? Sincerely, not much, because the bottom line is, if you do not exercise on a daily basis, at least 30 minutes, you will gain weight. Studies have shown that people who exercise each day at least 30 minutes, or go for a jog once in a while, are less likely to develop heart diseases and avoid obesity and its risks.

Number 2: Carbohydrates=fat

There a lot of different opinions regarding carbohydrates, however, a common one is that the more carbohydrates you eat, the fatter you get. This is partly true, and it also must be linked with the amount of energy we spend daily and how we exercise. Carbohydrates are seen as an enemy for our perfect shape, but they do not have to be completely cut off from our daily meals. Both simple and complex carbohydrates give us energy for the day, therefore it is recommended you eat cereals, bread, pastry in the morning and vegetables and fruits in the second part of the day.

Number 3: Stress

It is a proven fact that when we feel stressed, we tend to eat more high-fat meals and replace good habits with habits that can damage our figure. The best advice I can offer is to try to realize the cause of your stress, and break it down with some smoothing music, a relaxing bath, a nap, or something that you can relax you.

Number 4: Depression

When we are feeling down, we tend to not exercise and we keep eating as usual or even a lot more than usual, because we feel better if we are eating something good or just want to pass the phase by eating 3 icecreams and chips. In order to overcome this,  try talking to a friend or just go out and work out a lot, so you can keep your mind off what is worrying you.

Therefore, the question “Why do we get fat?” reduces itself to a simple answer, that is: we do not exercise enough and we do not eat healthy meals regularly. So, if you want to keep your organism healthy and protected from diseases and also from prematurely aging, I suggest you start making yourself a daily or weekly plan for exercising and keep a food journal. Also, don’t forget about some of the reasons mentioned above and try to always keep in mind that what we eat is what we are, so be careful in periods when you feel stressed or depressed.

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