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3 Secrets that Will Help You Lose Fat

-Eat right plus exercise right plus natural magic can equal results!-

As a teenager, I had a favorite Trouser stashed away in the back of my drawer waiting that “golden day” when I could wear it and actually close the zipper! The only thing worse than being fat is feeling fat…a.k.a. that feeling that you get when you’re trying a favorite dress and someone  says, “ I think you should try a larger size” or “Uhh… I think you gotta loose weight.” We all want to be perfect, and not just from the inside.

Wouldn’t earth be heaven if we could do whatever we wanted and never ever gain weight!  Sadly, that’s not the way it is; but, at the same time crash diets aren’t long term improvement and doing extra time in the gym everyday is just too daunting for most of us. Usually after a week of extra work-out, our weighing scale becomes very honest and says, “You still have a long way to go.” We then get burned out and forget our weight-loss resolution because we don’t see the progress as quickly as we would like to. So what’s the solution to the resolution? Obviously we can’t have Barbie proportions within a week, but here are some secrets to getting pretty close:

The first is having a balanced diet and eating foods that are nutritious. Steering clear of foods that carry an excess amount of sugar and fat, is the first secret. I’ve met a lot of people with the misconception that they can be fit by just not eating. The trick here is not in skipping meals, but knowing what to fill them with. Eating foods that are natural and healthy can not only improve your physical well being but also your mental well being. It’s just that important!

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The second is vigorous consistent exercise. There will be days when going to the gym is the monster in your life and you would much rather watch TV, chat on Face Book, or even wash the dishes!—literally A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G  but exercise.  But through careful persistence of your exercise routine you will be able to find the new you. Find what works for you when it comes to exercise. Jogging, aerobics, gyming, swimming, or dancing—there’s a wide variety to choose from, so use your favorite or even a combination of a few.   Have a paradigm shift!  Exercise time is your own personal quest for treasure: a new and fitter you!

The third secret is one that I’ve recently become acquainted with, the XLS Medical Fat Binder. Many weight-loss tablets have hit the market over the years, but most turn out to be huge cash deposits with little to no investment in the weight loss department. The XLS Medical Fat Binder, which is made from a fiber taken from dried prickly pear cactus leaves, is a natural appetite suppressant and prevents fat build up. When used along with a balanced diet and consistent exercise, it can help you lose three times more weight.

And last, but not least, perseverance is the key to getting the results that you want. Whenever you are tempted to eat the forbidden food or skip more than a day of exercise, remind yourself of the results that you are after: a fitter and healthier you! Hold it out like a picture in front of you, the goal that you are after, and soon enough you’ll get there.

Well, there it is!—Reaching your New Year’s resolution just got easier!

Bio: Roger Jennings is a fitness expert and believes that it is important to reduce excess fats from your body. His latest research has shown that the XLS Medical Fat Binder is really good when it comes to losing weight quickly.

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